Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lithuanian song and dance celebration „Dainų Šventė“

In this video you can see our national song and dance celebration „Dainų Šventė“ taking place in Vingio Parkas, Vilnius a week ago. The weather was awful, but still it was very exciting to see thousands of singers from all around Lithuania singing national songs together. My son was there singing too…


kesser said...

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Keliauninke said...


It is sad that you haven't been updating your blog recently - I am sure you would have more stories to share about Vilnius!

I used to attend Dainu Svente in Vilnius when I was still a small girl and it usually was rainy (not that it mattered, anyway!).

Keep up the good work, and I hope to read more!

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Asta said...

It's our unique heritage that most of the lithuanians are proud of and those who see this celebration for the first time usualy are stunned... So come 2014 to Dainų šventė!:)